The "CEDEC AWARDS" were organized for the first time in 2008 and gained high acclaim from the participants. The ceremony is designed to popularize and increase public awareness about game development technologies and to contribute to its their development by awarding game developers. For the 3rd "CEDEC AWARDS" scheduled this year, we organized the CEDEC AWARDS Nomination Committee, which is made up of authorities in various fields, in order to modernize and improve the quality of the nominations list. We were thus able to more effectively and accurately compile a list of final candidates based on the recommendations by the committee members. The award recipients will be selected from among the candidates on the list through voting by the CEDEC session participants.

* The awards are intended for technologies used in game titles rather than the game titles themselves.


1. Purpose

The purpose of these awards is to honor technologies and technology developers who have contributed greatly to the progress of game development in order to help boost the morale of game developers as a whole. These awards are also intended to contribute to the development of the industry as a whole by improving public awareness about advanced game development technologies both inside and outside the industry.

2. Target nominees

Technologies and technology developers of games sold in the past (individuals, groups, company divisions and organizations including companies, etc.)

3. Award categories (7 categories)

  • (1) Programming/Development Environment
  • (2) Visual Arts
  • (3) Sound
  • (4) Online
  • (5) Game Designs
  • (6) Special Award (general contributors to game development)
  • (7) Writer's Award

4. Selecting recipients

(1) to (5): To be decided through voting by CEDEC participants
and the CEDEC Advisory Board
(6) and (7): To be decided through discussion among the CEDEC Advisory Board members
Voter eligibility: CEDEC session participants

5. Award ceremony

Date: September 1 (Wednesday) 17:50-
Place: Main Hall of the PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center


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CEDEC AWARDS 2010 Nomination Committee

♦ Programming/Development Environment

  Tetsuji Iwasaki CEDEC 2010 Program Committee
  Takashi Imagire CEDEC 2010 Advisory Board
  Yoshiharu Gotanda Chief Executive Officer, Research and Development Department
tri-Ace Inc.
  Makoto Ito Programmer, AM R&D 2, SEGA CORPORATION
  Takashi Kamio 1st Production Department, Square Enix CO.,Ltd.
  Masao Watanabe General Manager, CyberConnect2 Co.,Ltd.

♦ Visual Arts

  Takashi Mizutani CEDEC 2010 Program Committee
  Akira Sugiyama CEDEC 2010 Advisory Board
  Kazuhiro Fumoto Technical Artist, CS R&D Support Dept., SEGA CORPORATION
  Yusuke Hashimoto Producer, Product Design Division, PLATINUMGAMES INC.
  Tetsuya Kanakubo senior animator, Motion Section Technical Department
Technical & Sound Creation Studio 1, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
  Koushi Watanabe Section 3 VA Departmnt 1 Visual Art Devision Studio 1,

♦ Game Designs

  Masanobu Endoh CEDEC 2010 Program Committee
  Hiroshi Matsuyama CEDEC 2010 Advisory Board
  Jin Fujisawa Director, Development Division, Square Enix CO.,Ltd.

♦ Sound

  Hiroaki Kondo CEDEC 2010 Program Committee
  Tomoya Kishi Audio Director,
Sound Design Section R&D Production Department,
  Tetsukazu Nakanishi Manager, Section 2 Sound Department
Technical & Sound Creation Division Studio 1,
  Hitoshi Sakimoto Representative Director, Basiscape Co.,Ltd.
  Mitsuto Suzuki Composer, Sound Section Development Division
Square Enix CO.,Ltd.

♦ Online

  Yoshinari Sunazuka CEDEC 2010 Program Committee
  Keisuke Tanaka CEDEC 2010 Advisory Board
  Ryo Sato Online Productuion, Studio IT Center,
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  Kazunori Sugiura Operating Section Manager Game Operations Producer,
Online Game Development Department Operating Section
  Atsumi Takashi Senior Manager,
Network Business Development Dept. Network Division