Call for Speakers

CEDEC 2016 Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in presenting talks at CEDEC 2016.

CEDEC is a conference for computer entertainment - including video games - industry, and for developers and others engaged in related work in this industry. And through CEDEC we aim to help them improve their respective development capabilities by exchanging information and ideas, and to aim for the overall development of the industry.

In view of these objectives, we ask that proposals for sessions be submitted according to the guidelines outlined below.

1. Please complete all sections of the application form found in the latter part of this file, before attaching the file to an email and forwarding it to
2. Applications close on Sunday, April 3, 2016.

Public Application for CEDEC 2016 sessions has closed.

Application Requirements

CEDEC 2016 calls for following session formats:

  • Session (60 minutes)
  • Short Session (25 minutes)
  • Panel Discussion (60 minutes)
  • Roundtable (60 minutes)
  • Interactive Session
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Tutorial

For the details of each session format, please check CEDEC web-site and refer to the" Formats of CEDEC sessions".

For CEDEC 2016, the Steering Committee has also prepared a guide "Definition of CEDEC Session Genres" for applicants to refer to and be informed about what discussions are expected in each area of computer entertainment development.

Applicants must fill out the following:

Session title

Please describe these items in such a manner as to communicate effectively to the website audience.

Expected skills: Please fill in the experience and skills you expect the participants to have.

Ideas to take away: The knowledge to be gained by participants. Briefly fill in what it is you want to tell people through your session.

Level of difficulty: Please define the difficulty of the session using chilies.

Session description
Expected skills
Ideas to take away
Level of difficulty
Session details This section is to provide a detailed description of your presentation to examiners. The expected length of the description is about one A4 page.
Session format Please refer to the "Formats of CEDEC sessions" and specify a genre you would like to present.
Session Genre Please refer to the Definition of CEDEC Session Genres and select one "main" genre for your presentation or one for "main" and one for "sub" genres.
Target Platforms View the list of "Target Platforms" and select the most applicable.
More than one may be chosen.
For platform-independent content, select Other.
Notes If your presentation requires special equipment or setup, or if you have any other comment, please describe it here.
Speaker information Please insert information about the key presenter and supportive presenter/s here.
Co-researchers, co-developers and contributors If you would like to credit other personnel other than speaker as collaborators for your work, please describe here.

Special benefits for public entries and accepted speakers

Special benefits for public entries:

Priority entry to CEDEC 2016 Keynote Addresses

Applicants will have preferential gate access to the Keynote. CEDEC 2016 conference pass will be needed.

CEDEC 2016 Pass at CESA member price

CEDEC 2016 logoed sticker

Special benefits for accepted speakers:

Complimentary CEDEC 2016 Pass

Session, Panel Discussion, and Roundtable: Speakers will receive up to three conference passes for free-of-charge. If your session has more than three speakers and/or require more staff, they will be provided with special passes which will be valid only during the session.

Short Session and Interactive Session: Speaker will receive one conference pass for free. If your session has more than one speakers and/or require more staff, they will be provided with special passes which will be valid only during the session.

Note: The free conference pass will be provided one per person. Thus even when a speaker hold more than one sessions at CEDEC, he or she still receive one pass.

Invitation to speakers' party

We will be holding a Speakers-Only party to encourage the speakers to deepen exchanges. Speakers will be invited to the party at no charge.


The proposals we receive for sessions will be judged according to the following process.

1)  Review based on the content described in the submission form

The CEDEC Steering Committee will review the content, and decide whether the proposal is accepted.

The CEDEC Secretariat will contact the submitters of accepted session proposals, and will commence discussions for session details. Contact is scheduled to be made in April or May, 2016.

2) Review based on the submission with additional information

The CEDEC Steering Committee may, where necessary, ask for further information to be provided in addition to that contained in this submission. Contact will be made by the CEDEC Secretariat, who will request that materials explaining the session in more detail be provided. We will review your application based on this material, and decide whether the proposal is accepted.

In cases where we request additional information, contact is scheduled to be made to notify you of the result in May or June, 2016.

Points to Note

Please be mindful of the following points when submitting your application.

1)Intellectual properties

Your submission will be received on the assumption that you have obtained an approval from your company and that materials you use do not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property rights. As every successful applicant is required to lodge a "Form of Consent for Presentation" after their selection, we advise you to start necessary preparation early for your presentation.

2)Multiple applications

Please send a separate file for each application. You may, however, apply multiple sessions sand attach files to a single email.

3)Language to use for application

Please complete the application form in either Japanese or English.

4)Specifying a session genre

Upon application, please refer to the "Definition of CEDEC Session Genres" and specify a genre you would like to present.
The genre you present, however, may be subject to change as a result of examination by the CEDEC Steering Committee.

5)Session descriptions

If at all possible, please keep your "Session description" concise and yet concrete.
If illustrations or other figures are needed for reason of explaining your session proposal, you may add them, but try to keep them around 3 pages as a separate file (in Word or PDF).
Supplemental reference materials such as video files can also be attached to your proposal.

If there is sensitive information you cannot disclose due to confidentiality reasons upon submission, you can leave the title section blank but the lecture needs to be described specifically.

Please complete each section as clearly and in as much concrete as possible.
At CEDECs in the past, there has been a strong tendency for sessions to be rated more highly when their actual content has matched the expectations formed by participants based on the description in the program. In particular, "Session title," "Ideas to take away" and "Expected skills/experience" are extremely important.
For example: "Expected skills/experience"
No good: Anyone involved in game development
Better: Graphic developers
Best: Persons with experience in GPU programming

6)Treatment of co-researchers, co-developers and contributors

If you would like to credit other personnel as collaborators for your work, please indicate them in "Co-researchers, co-developers and contributors ". Their name will appear on the website and guidebook as "contributor", separately from the speaker who will give the actual presentation. Such contributor is assumed to be your supervisor or adviser who has been involved in creating the theme, especially for an academic presentation.

Special benefits for accepted speakers are not applicable to co-researchers, co-developers and contributors.

7)Deemed sales promotions

If it is determined that the content of your proposal is for the purpose of promoting a commercial technology, we may instead present you with a proposal for the Sponsorship Program.
Commercial technology is an important element in modern-day game development, and therefore it is not our policy to exclude applicants who are offering such technology. If it is determined that promotion is not the primary objective, and that it could contribute to improving the development capabilities of the audience, we will proceed to examine your application as a regular candidate for the sessions.

Please note the following are banned in the public offering session:

  • Explicitly providing explanations and advertising to encourage purchase of your own title and service
  • Explicitly announcing recruitment activity
  • Handing out souvenirs and small gifts to participants during and after the lectures

No such prohibition applies to the sponsor session, so if you wish to engage in any of the above, please also consider the sponsorship program.

8)Management of application materials

The content of your application will not be used for purposes other than the administration of CEDEC.
Although the Steering Committee, which examines the applications, is comprised of persons from the computer entertainment industry, we assure you that the content of your application will in no way be misappropriated for the benefit of an organization to which the Program Committee members belong.

9)Introduction of CEDiL

Information on previous sessions up to last year is available on CEDiL (, which can be viewed by anyone who completes free membership registration. Please use the information for your reference.

10)Contact from the Secretariat

If the Secretariat needs to contact the applicant, it may do so to the person submitted the application.

If any points are unclear, please feel free to contact
We look forward to receiving your application.

Public Application for CEDEC 2016 sessions has closed.